The Social Radio presents: The Soloists’ Week!

Great news! This time, we’re introducing a new section on The Social Radio, called “The Soloists’ Week”.

#TheParrot thinks that good music is not only about bands, there are a lot of solo singers that deserve to have a place on The Social Radio too. That’s why we are presenting this new section in which we choose two soloists, and feature them during the same week, so you can have twice the fun enjoying great music along with your favorite tweets.

To inaugurate this section, we have chosen Trevor Borden and Jeromy Darling.

Trevor Borden is a folk singer and songwriter born in Kenya, East Africa, who was raised in the bush, an isolated setting that may be the single most influential element to his craft.

He recently announced the release of his debut EP “Giants”, and of course, we included a set of his best tracks on The Social Radio.

If you want to know more about Trevor Borden, you can follow him on Twitter, and Facebook.


Jeromy Darling, is also a great singer and songwriter from Minneapolis who writes mostly autobiographical songs about his childhood and life experiences.

Of course, you can enjoy most of his best songs in The Social Radio, too.

Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Facebook, to stay updated about his work.


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