The Social Radio + Soundcloud (San Francisco Music Hack Day)

What a great Weekend! We’ve been participating of the San Francisco Music Hack Day introducing The Social Radio to a great audience. And not only that, we’ve also been part of the “Hackathon” coding a great add-on called “The Social Radio + Soundcloud: Listen to what people is saying on Twitter mixed with the trending music of SoundCloud.” Nice huh?

Getting Soundcloud working on The Social Radio web platform wasn’t all that easy. It took us 24 hours of non-stop coding, but the results are pretty amazing. It’s not yet open for everyone, but will be soon. Here’s a screenshot:

We’ll never forget this experience. Here are some thoughts from the team:

Roberto: “Pretty amazing experience!, Lots of hacker-coding all night, pizza, red bull and passion!”

Demian: “Hackathon was one of the most exciting experiences. Almost 24 hours of coding, mixing our app with the best music services, and also listening our favorite artists! From that combination our app became even better!… as Steve Jobs said “it’s technology married with liberal arts, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.” =)

Ale: “It was a great experience! Being part of this hackathon allowed us to meet very interesting people in the world of music apps and have fun while implementing an integration with a great music platform! =)

Roberto is still in SF, today attending to the San Francisco Music Tech Conference. We’ll give you all the details tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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